Tax advisory services may involve advising on a particular event or, in many cases, simply looking to review the tax efficiency of the financial affairs of a client.

When might I need tax advice?

We find that tax issues are often driven by an event, for example:

  • considering inheritance tax when drafting a will
  • looking to provide security for family in the future
  • buying or selling a business
  • buying or selling property
  • moving into or away from the UK, or
  • any other event which has a substantial impact on lifestyle or financial position

What areas do we advise on?

We advise on all aspects of UK taxation, and have particular expertise with:

  • Trusts: either new or existing trusts
  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Advising those who are domiciled outside of the UK
  • Employee Benefit Trusts or Employment Trusts
  • Dealing with HMRC Enquiries, including settlement opportunities
  • Applying PAYE rules to benefits or payments from these trusts
  • Ending the trusts, if appropriate
  • Structuring & running businesses tax efficiently
  • Wealth planning:
  • Providing for grandchildren, for example payment of school fees
  • Family Trusts
  • Tax efficient investments

We also work in conjunction with our legal teams, for example with our litigation team in the event of Tribunal representation being required or with our Wills & Trusts team for inheritance tax planning.